Species II (1998)

RAPID PREGNANCY: The film begins with a group of astronauts landing on Mars. As they head back to Earth, they are infected by an alien substance. At 21 minutes in, one of the astronauts has sex with a woman who then goes into the bathroom. As the astronaut starts on her sister, the first woman’s belly starts to grow rapidly as bumps from the baby moving are visible. Once the woman’s belly reaches a massive size, her belly splits open and the baby emerges. At ~38 minutes in, the female astronaut has sex with her husband, only for her belly to quickly swell up, but there is barely any focus at all before her belly bursts open. At the end of the film, Eve mates with the infected astronaut, but then attacks him to save the others, which gets her killed. At ~1:23:00, her body is being driven away when her belly begins expanding under a sheet. The camera cuts away and then a gasp and a bursting sound are heard.

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