Poltergeist: The Legacy

Season 1 – Episode 1: RAPID PREGNANCY: The pilot of the show involves the Legacy team tracking down ancient sepulchers that contain trapped demons. A man opens one and is possessed by the demon within. The man then has sex with Rachel by posing as her deceased husband. After spending some time unconscious, Rachel awakens feeling nauseous and paranoid. As she tries to leave (~1:02:00), she experiences severe stomach pains. Another character checks her and sees that her stomach appears bloated. Two scenes later (~1:04:00), she’s back in bed and she lifts her shirt to reveal a large, deformed, moving belly. She goes into labor, along with her belly glowing orange to show the outline of the baby. She gives birth as lightning flashes and the bed shakes, with the demon baby shown emerging from between her legs. Once fully born, the demon baby starts dragging her around the room and up the walls by the umbilical cord. Clips from this episode are shown again in episode 22 of season 2 as part of a clip show.

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