Isolation (2005)

PREGNANCY: The epilogue of the film (~1:28:00) takes place four months later and opens with a shot of a hospital hallway with a glimpse of at least one pregnant woman. Mary, now pregnant, is receiving an ultrasound which only has the one shot of her bare belly. The doctor assures her that it’s a healthy girl, but the film ends with the implication that the baby has the same genetic mutation that makes up the plot of the film.

The Outer Limits (1995)

Season 2 – Episode 17: RAPID PREGNANCY: This episode, titled “Paradise,” follows the strange case of women rapidly aging until death. As it goes on, it’s explained that the women were restoring their youth to have sex. The last woman, Helen, becomes young again and has sex, and her abdomen glows golden for a moment after. When she’s found, (~35 minutes in), she’s suddenly heavily pregnant, first shown with her being topless. Following the commercial break cut, she’s covered in sheets and is in labor while explaining the origin of it all. She and the other three women met a benevolent alien that implanted each of them with an egg that takes 50 years to mature, and it left a method for them to become young again temporarily so they could attempt to have it fertilized. Helen gives birth to a normal-looking baby, though it came out of her inside a sac.

Janosik: A True Story (2009)

PREGNANCY: Somewhat early into the film (~19 minutes in) Janosik runs into his former love interest, Anusia, who is pregnant. He stops to share a few words before continuing on. Much later into the film (~1:21:00), a separate character is briefly shown pregnant during a celebration scene, though much like Anusia, it’s her only appearance while pregnant. The epilogue of the film (~2:16:00) has a third woman giving birth in a white gown.

It Began Without Warning

PREGNANCY: A short film without dialogue or context. It opens with a man seemingly having killed his pregnant wife, then going after his son. The boy kills the man, then approaches the pregnant woman, followed by a group of kids carrying a deformed, disembodied mouth. The woman is shown to be clinging to life, and at the order of the mouth, the kids lift up her shirt, then use a power drill on her navel.

Witches of East End

Season 1 – Episode 1: RAPID PREGNANCY: Roughly halfway through the episode, the mom of the witch family, Joanna, is explaining her two daughters’ recursive immortality. A sequence of short flashbacks show how they are killed for being witches, then not long after their deaths, Joanna immediately swells up to nine months pregnant, and they are reborn. The process is only shown the once, with her in a black dress.  

Hiling (1998)

RAPID PREGNANCY: The film follows a girl who has the ability to grant wishes, sometimes unintentionally. One person whose wish she grants is a man who then transforms into a woman the next morning. A while later, her belly suddenly swells up to late-term pregnancy size (~53 minutes in). She reappears briefly a few minutes later (~59 minutes in) having changed clothes and now seemingly in labor, and then a couple minutes later being loaded into a car.