Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Episodes 1, 2: PREGNANCY: Recurring villain Grayza is revealed to be pregnant with an intro shot of her belly early into the first part. Her next scene (~31 minutes in) shows her with a bare belly as she lays in bed with another Peacekeeper. She doesn’t significantly appear in the episode again until towards the end (~1:20:00), with her wearing the open shirt again. She only makes minor appearances in the second episode, and aside from a close-up of her clothed belly towards the end, it’s not particularly focused on. The actress was pregnant during filming, so the belly is real.

Mary Queen of Scots (2018)

PREGNANCY: Following a sex scene, Mary is next shown pregnant at ~1:00:00. Soon after (~1:03:00), she’s shown in the bath, and although she still wears a gown, it is mostly see-through. She also reacts to the baby kicking. Aside from that, she mainly wears dresses and gowns. She gives birth in a short montage with little shown at ~1:22:00.


Season 4 – Episode 1: PREGNANCY: Early in the episode (~11 minutes in), John has a dream of himself on a beach where he meets Aeryn, who then turns over to reveal that she’s very pregnant with a bare belly. The beach scene is briefly returned to at ~23 minutes in, where they react to a visible kick.


Season 2 – Episode 3: PREGNANCY: The episode involves the crew meeting a group of alien delinquents. One of them is pregnant, and due to weird alien biology, her belly is almost entirely transparent and the baby is clearly visible within her. Later in the episode, she’s found in labor, but she only has a strained conversation before she sends them away, and isn’t seen for the rest of the episode.

Double Lover (2017)

PREGNANCY/OTHER: The main character is revealed to be pregnant at ~1:07:00, followed by a short ultrasound at ~1:11:00. She’s small for most of the runtime, until late into the film (1:34:00) where visible movement starts to happen and her stomach bloats up somewhat before it slowly splits open and a tiny hand comes through. The epilogue of the film reveals that she wasn’t pregnant, but instead had been carrying the undeveloped fetus of her twin, and the events of most of the film had been delusions/hallucinations.

Ghost Whisperer

Seasons 4, (5) – Episodes 22, 23, (1): PREGNANCY: Melinda finds out she’s pregnant within the last few episodes of season 4, and episode 22 starts off with her having a small belly, which gets a couple shots to show it off. Episode 24 opens with a quick series of scenes showing her in labor being brought to a hospital, then she’s shown the babies, which are four hairless cats. She then wakes up, revealing it as a dream. Season 5 opens on the night of her due date, so she’s gone through a growth spurt. She’s brought to the hospital waiting room where a few other women in labor are shown, including one she speaks with briefly while the camera focuses on their bellies. When she’s getting checked out, with her belly bare, sudden complications arise that require a C-section.