Isolation (2005)

PREGNANCY: The epilogue of the film (~1:28:00) takes place four months later and opens with a shot of a hospital hallway with a glimpse of at least one pregnant woman. Mary, now pregnant, is receiving an ultrasound which only has the one shot of her bare belly. The doctor assures her that it’s a healthy girl, but the film ends with the implication that the baby has the same genetic mutation that makes up the plot of the film.

Janosik: A True Story (2009)

PREGNANCY: Somewhat early into the film (~19 minutes in) Janosik runs into his former love interest, Anusia, who is pregnant. He stops to share a few words before continuing on. Much later into the film (~1:21:00), a separate character is briefly shown pregnant during a celebration scene, though much like Anusia, it’s her only appearance while pregnant. The epilogue of the film (~2:16:00) has a third woman giving birth in a white gown.

Hiling (1998)

RAPID PREGNANCY: The film follows a girl who has the ability to grant wishes, sometimes unintentionally. One person whose wish she grants is a man who then transforms into a woman the next morning. A while later, her belly suddenly swells up to late-term pregnancy size (~53 minutes in). She reappears briefly a few minutes later (~59 minutes in) having changed clothes and now seemingly in labor, and then a couple minutes later being loaded into a car.

Baby Bump(s) (a.k.a. Telle mère, telle fille – 2017)

PREGNANCY: A French film where a mother and daughter both get pregnant at the same time. The daughter, Avril, announces her pregnancy in one of the first scenes. A time skip occurs at ~13 minutes in to when she’s three months along and has a small belly. The mom, Mado, is found out to be pregnant not long afterwards. The next time skip happens at ~34 minutes in to when Avril is at five months and Mado is at three months, with the first scene being Avril getting an ultrasound. At ~52 minutes in, with Mado now at five months, she sits in bed and lifts her shirt to show her (real) bare belly. She talks to it and it moves slightly in response. Not long after, she passes through a funeral for her doctor with a few other pregnant women in attendance. Avril has a brief sex scene with her husband at ~1:06:00, followed shortly thereafter with Mado getting an ultrasound (~1:10:00). Mado is shown to have started a dance class for pregnant women (~1:14:00), and right after she goes to a water birthing class with a few other couples. Avril is shown in the bath at ~1:20:00, and one of the next scenes has her water break and she goes into labor (~1:22:00). She gives birth in the hospital after a brief scene. The rest of Mado’s pregnancy is quickly skimmed over during the credits.

(Credit to poolmania for the suggestion.)

The Red Violin (1998)

PREGNANCY: A pregnant woman, Anna, is introduced early into the film (~6 minutes in). She wears a loose dress for a few introductory scenes, then is shown rubbing her bare belly while singing at ~13 minutes in. She experiences a contraction before it cuts away. The birth is skipped over, and it shows that she did not survive. She’s shown again briefly at the very end of the film (~2:04:00).

(Credit to rainbowfelidae for the suggestion.)

Malicious (2018)

PREGNANCY: The film follows a married couple after they move into a new house. The wife, Lisa, is already pregnant from their first scene following the intro. She spends much of the early film wearing a tank-top and shorts as workout clothes. Just as the paranormal experiences begin, around 20 minutes in, her husband finds her unconscious with blood on her legs. She’s brought to a hospital, where a doctor explains that she miscarried and it was severe enough to render her infertile. The final scene of the film (1:27:00) has a pregnant woman receiving the same box that released the spirits, implying the same thing will happen to her.