Suggestion Etiquette

Please read the following if you intend to send a suggestion to the tumblr page (thebellyguide.tumblr.com)

#1 – Is it Worthwhile?: I appreciate all suggestions I get, but before hitting send on the message, please ask yourself if the content seems worth the time it takes for me to track down the movie/show/etc., watch it, take screenshots and/or make gifs, write a description, format the post and add it to the links page. It doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up, so it can be disappointing to spend hours for only a screenshot or two and one line of description.

#2 – Be Specific: Simple enough, but if you’re going to suggest a movie, maybe add in the release year if it has a generic title. For TV shows, I ask that you include a season and/or episode number because nothing drains my motivation more than getting a suggestion requesting that I check out a show and finding out it has 15 seasons and 500+ episodes. For commercials, try to see if you can track it down on Youtube or the like, or at least include more than just the name of the product or company.

#3 – Content I Will Not Cover: There are certain topics or types of scenes I will not cover here regardless of their relative quality. These include: Underage characters/actors, male pregnancy, pornography/hentai, and bursting/gore scenes that do not involve pregnancy/inflation/expansion. Other topics may be included in this list if they arise. Somewhat related, but this is not a pirating blog, so I will not provide links to films or TV shows for streaming or downloading.

#4 – Has it Been Suggested/Covered Before?: The Future Additions link at the top exists and is frequently updated for a reason. It is there that I compile every film or show that has been suggested to me that I have not covered yet, and everything I have covered can be found in their respective pages. I ask that you check those first before making a suggestion.

House of Purgatory (2016)

PREGNANCY: The story follows four friends finding the titular attraction, which promises to reveal their secrets. At ~36 minutes in, one of the girls, Amber, sees a vision of herself heavily pregnant in the distance before getting captured. She doesn’t particularly reappear until the end (~1:02:00) where she’s tied to a gurney and it’s revealed her secret was getting an abortion. While her parents call her out for it, it shows that she’s suddenly pregnant, though it isn’t shown much. After her parents leave, she seems to spontaneously give birth.

The Handmaid’s Tale (2017)

Season 1 – Episode 2: PREGNANCY: Like the original film, this episode has a gathering for the birth of Janine’s baby. On the way, Offred has flashbacks to her in labor and on the way to the hospital. When they enter Janine’s room, she is in bed with her belly bare as the others are coaching her. Later, for the actual birth, she has the loose white gown on.

The Young Kieslowski (2014)

PREGNANCY: Two university students start a relationship and the girl, Leslie, finds out she’s pregnant. The vast majority of the film deals with the immediate aftershocks of the discovery, until a time skip to the very end of her pregnancy at the end of the film (~1:20:00). While the father is trying to apologize for all the shit he did, her water breaks and she’s rushed to the hospital. She gives birth to twins, though very little of it is shown.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season 2 – Episode 1: RAPID PREGNANCY: The episode begins with Deanna getting impregnated by an alien lifeform, shown as a speck of light going inside her body. Her pregnancy is said to be progressing at an alarming rate, and she’s shown visibly pregnant shortly afterwards. She only gets a couple appearances while pregnant before she goes into labor and goes through a painless birth with no shots of her belly.

Sex Medusa (a.k.a. Shou xing nan xun – 2001)

RAPID PREGNANCY: After having sex, the titular creature suddenly gets stomach pains (~43 minutes in). She’s then shown in silhouette as her belly swells up, including a full stolen shot from Species II, before shrinking back down and appearing no worse for wear. It’s revealed much later into the film that she had laid an egg, hence the expanding and shrinking belly.

The Sarah Silverman Program

Season 2 – Episode 13: PREGNANCY: This episode has Sarah suddenly being pregnant and when her friends point it out, she explains that she had assumed she was just bloated for the past nine months. The rest of the episode has her dealing with the idea of having a baby and trying to find a way out. Her water breaks while go-karting and it cuts to her in a hospital. As she pushes, a bright light shoots out from between her legs and melts the flesh from the doctor’s skull. Her belly visibly drops and a reptilian abomination crawls out of her, which is then treated as no big deal for the ending of the episode.

Playing House (2006)

PREGNANCY: The main character sees a random pregnant woman early on (~16 minutes in), then finds out she herself is pregnant in the next scene. Most of her pregnancy is passed through in a montage at ~36 minutes in and it ends with her getting quite big and includes a brief bare belly scene. She goes into labor the scene following the montage, then has a quick hospital birth with nothing to see.

Reno 911!

Season 4 – Episode 13: PREGNANCY: This episode has a sub-plot about the women in the department on a stakeout of a potential suspect. The first scene introduces his massively pregnant wife where complains about discomfort and disputes her current attractiveness. Later in the episode, the suspect is with his mistress when the wife comes home and the women on the force treat it like an engrossing soap opera.

Reno 911!

Season 4: PREGNANCY: Wiegel is pregnant in this season due to the actor’s real pregnancy. When she first appears in the season premiere, she tries to draw attention to the fact that she’s pregnant, but the other officers try their hardest to ignore it. In the second episode, she joins a Lamaze class towards the end, so some other pregnant women are shown. She returns to the Lamaze class in episode 3, where she aggressively flirts with the instructor by asking him to touch her belly then guiding his hand lower, getting him to demonstrate a breast massage for milk production, and bending over in front of him as a stretch. The opening of episode 4 has the men attempt a panty raid of the women’s locker room, only to find Wiegel naked after stepping out of the shower. Her breasts and crotch are censored, but it’s still a good look at her belly. Towards the end of the episode, a random scene of investigating a disturbance at a brothel has them meet a creepy man who shouts that they don’t have what he needs. Wiegel steps up onto the porch and the man quiets and looks very interested in her. She returns to the Lamaze class briefly in episode 6. Another quick Lamaze scene in episode 7 where she thinks her water broke but she had only sat on someone’s drink. Episode 8 has the plot revolving around the department gaining a sponsorship which includes new skimpier uniforms. Wiegel is shown in a quick scene to be wearing the new uniform and it leaves her belly entirely uncovered. Another Lamaze scene in episode 9 with the instructor being creepily sexual. Episode 14 starts off with a scene where she’s in a tight bodysuit performing a ribbon dance briefly before being interrupted. As a surprise for Dangle’s wedding, she pops out of a cake while topless, but she gets stuck at the belly, then goes into labor. Her nudity is censored and not much of her belly can be seen. She gets wheeled down a public street to the hospital, and the birth is skipped.